Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve climbing areas for present and future generations of climbers.

SNECC is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving climbing areas and climbing area access throughout the southeastern New England region. This includes protecting, helping to maintain, and establishing access to these areas.  

  • Protect Access

Protecting existing access to climbing areas is critical in the urban and semi-urban lands in southeast New England. Many of the climbing areas in this region do not have current access issues; however, this can change without notice by an action of a landowner, manager (policy), regulator (regulations), or legislator (law).

  • Assist in Maintaining the Crags

Assisting in the maintenance of climbing areas is important to preserving access. Having access is not enough if we want to keep it. Being a steward of the land helps to ensure good relationships and continued access.

  • Establish Access

Establishing access to a climbing area (also known as “opening up” the area) is critical in urban and semi-urban environments where development competes with open space and recreational use.

How do we do this? These are ideas below. With the help of local volunteers and building relationships with partners.

  1. Work with state and local governments and land managers to open and preserve access on public lands.
  2. Work with private landowners to open and preserve access on private land.
  3. Raise money to purchase or lease climbing areas on private land. Manage this land to preserve access.
  4. Be a voice and advocate for our climbing areas.
  5. Encourage climbers to take on being a Steward for their climbing area.
  6. Introduce the new generation of indoor climbers to our outside climbing areas close to home.
  7. Promoting the historical significance of climbing areas.