Lynn Woods Conservation Restriction

Lynn Woods – Not as Protected as You Think

In 2015, the City of Lynn City Council and the Board of Water & Sewer Commissioners voted to move ahead with a conservation restriction to permanently preserve all of Lynn Woods.  The   Dept. of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), and Greenbelt (Essex County’s Land Trust), have been working with the City and Lynn Water & Sewer Commission since 2015 to make this a reality.  But it’s still not done.

Make sure your elected officials know how important it is to have this layer of permanent conservation protection over Lynn Woods. 

This is election season, and the perfect time to let your elected officials and candidates know how important the Lynn Woods Conservation Restriction is to permanently protecting Lynn Woods.  

Lynn Woods has been threatened numerous times over the years with development.  The re-route of Route 95 was once proposed through Lynn Woods.  Other development proposals have threatened the Woods over the years – the type that would chip away at this public open space until there’s nothing left:  death by a thousand cuts.

The conservation restriction would ensure once and for all that Lynn Woods can never be converted from its current uses for passive public recreation and water supply.  The thousands of acres of forest at Lynn Woods not only keeps your drinking water clean, but helps cool the air in surrounding urban areas – something that’s increasingly important with climate change.  

Lynn Woods is a vital recreational resource for Lynn residents, and brings in people from other communities to the City, as well.  It is a mecca for hiking, cross-country skiing, trail-running, rock climbing, and most importantly, a place where families and kids living in a city can access over 2,000 acres of public green space. 

What you can do:

  • Residents of Lynn can call or email City Councilors to let them know how much you care about the Woods and support the City’s efforts to permanently protect it with a Conservation Restriction.
  • Attend campaign events for Mayoral and City Council candidates to communicate this message in person.
  • Watch this space for updates.

Thank you!

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