Our Region

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Like many local climbing organizations, SNECC’s region is defined by the climbing areas. These climbing areas are defined by the geology.

The main concentration of climbing areas in SNECC’s region is along a glacier moraine with large scattered erratic boulders and small cliffs in a large swath of land from Rockport, MA to Providence RI. In addition to this concentrated area, SNECC’s region extends westerly to near Worcester, northerly to include Pawtuckaway State Park, and southerly along the Connecticut border.

A Resource for the Climbing Community

SNECC exists for the local climbing community. We have established SNECC as a non-profit entity, an affiliate with the Access Fund, and in support of other nearby local climbing organizations. We are structured to provide a framework for the climbing community of the region to be equipped with the tools and resources they need to advocate for their local and regional climbing areas effectively. While our region hosts dozens of climbing areas, not all of them have access or stewardship issues. The ones that do either have, or are in need of, leaders that can tap into SNECC’s resources.

If you are interested in getting involved with SNECC to help with your local area, please send us a message through our Contact page or reach out to us on social media.

Crags Under Active Stewardship

We currently have SNECC members actively stewarding the Lynn and Peabody area, and the Cape Ann area. These large areas host some of the more pressing access issues. To make the best use of SNECCs resources such as its network, fundraising, insurance, etc. the SNECC Board encourages local climbing advocacy leaders to join SNECC on behalf of their local areas. What does this actually look like?

Quincy Quarries is an excellent example. The current Board of SNECC is comprised of individual local climbers who are interested in specific advocacy projects that are not necessarily focused on Quincy Quarries. However, this presents an opportunity to a climber who would like to lead an effort to permanently clean, and then protect this incredible and historic climbing area. SNECC is currently involved in annual clean-ups, but this historic area needs serious, focused attention from a passionate leader. Is it you?

Volunteers and potential Board members are welcome and encouraged to join from the entire region. However, there are sub-regions that have specific opportunities for advocacy leadership. These include climbing areas located in the northern-central area of Massachusetts, the southeast portion of the region including Rhode Island, and the areas close to the heart of Boston such as Hammond Pond and Quincy Quarries. If you climb in these areas and are interested in leading any advocacy efforts, please consider joining SNECC and taking advantage of a non-profit organization equipped to support that advocacy.

Get involved at one of our events and learn how you can volunteer with SNECC.