Job Descriptions / Board Roles

The Board of Directors is looking for individuals who believe in SNECCs mission and want to contribute their skills and time in pursuit of that mission with a dedicated team of similar minded folks from around the region.

General SNECC Board Member Job Description

We’re always looking for local leaders who want to help organize climbers and make progress in our mission to protect our climbing areas. We want to recruit volunteers who have enthusiasm, are ready to show up, and committed to following through on projects. We are currently in need of individuals whom are willing to take on the following Board roles. A role is a responsibility the member takes on. Board members may have multiple roles.

Social Media Manager: This board member is responsible for managing the social media for presence SNECC. This includes, but is not limited to, the Facebook page and Instagram profile. This member also maintains SNECCs website.

Membership Manager: This board member is responsible for managing the member list. This includes coordinating and managing lists with Access Fund, fundraiser and event sign-ups, web donations, etc. This person is also responsible for coordinating member mailings and communications. This includes coordination with the Social Media and Events Manager.

Accountant/Bookkeeper: This board member is responsible for tracking SNECC’s financials including revenue from fundraising and memberships, and expenditures in support of our mission. The tracking is performed per current financial standards.

Event Manager: This board member tracks the events taking place across the organization. This is primarily done through an events calendar and coordinating with the chapter/committee board representative. This member also will coordinate announcements, and marketing material with the Social Media Manager. Fundraising, or revenue generating events are coordinated with the Accountant/Bookkeeper

We are also looking for individuals who are particularly interested in leading access and restoration efforts in Quincy Quarry, as well as individuals interested in leading preservation efforts in southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.