photo by Shannon McFarland

Crag Tour: First Stop, Lynn Woods

Join SNECC for a tour of some of the best climbs in Lynn Woods!

Our volunteers are planning a lineup of “crag tours,” to inspire you to get out and explore a new climbing area. Keep an eye out for more tours of nearby top rope, trad, and bouldering areas.

If you’ve never climbed in Lynn Woods or are looking to find your way to some of the more remote areas of Lynn Woods then come out on April 13 at 9am. This is a favorite bouldering area just outside Boston. We’ll be doing a tour of the best climbs in the Mt Spickett, Overlook, Weetamoo, and Nature Valley areas.

We’ll be meeting at the Great Woods lot at 9am and giving a walking tour of climbs and some people will be sticking around to climb after the tour.

If you plan on climbing, please bring your own climbing shoes, gear and crash pads. There are no bathrooms in the immediate area (so plan accordingly) and we also recommend bringing your own food and water. 

Click here for more info and RSVP for this free crag tour on our Facebook event.

Here’s some info about the area:

This event does not include any teaching or instruction. Climbing is a dangerous sport that you participate in at your own risk.

Rain date is scheduled for April 20th

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